A better solution: Control Point dismissal

The developers of Control Point Dismissal have been educators for more than 30 years. Afternoon dismissal was the most frustrating part of their day. They  felt the whole process was outdated, cumbersome and unsafe. After five years of trial and error and working toward the goal of finding the “better way” for dismissal, Control Point Dismissal was put into use. Feedback from campuses using the system has been nothing short of glowing. The comment heard most often is how very efficient their afternoon dismissal has become since incorporating Control Point Dismissal.

Control Point is a web-based software program, carefully designed to solve all the problems that have frustrated educators through the years. For example, the software program offers a solution to the problem that can arise with mid-year changes in child custody. The program allows the primary guardian to dictate specific drivers with permission to pick up and the parent takes responsibility for printing the dismissal card. So a caregiver or other family member may only pick up a student if the primary guardian has prepared a dismissal card for them to use. If requested by the parent, the campus can report the time, date, and driver that picked up the child.


Dismissal Cards

Control Point allows the primary guardian to create their own dismissal card. They have the option to create cards for additional drivers. When they no longer want a driver to have access to their child, they have the option to delete or suspend the dismissal card.

The   Process

  1. Dismissal Card scanned and time stamped
  2. Children are lined up inside the building, and moved outside when ready.
  3. Children are assisted in loading cars.

Swift Dismissal

Parents spend on average, 5-15 minutes in the car line to pick up their children. By the time the parent pulls up to the building, his child is waiting in line to load the car. Children are delivered safely and securely to the right car, every time.