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Control Point is simple to implement and supports school safety and efficiency. Our old method was gathering all students in two common areas and calling student names over a P.A. system. Control Point allowed us to increase safety measures including holding the students in the classroom rather than a common area and decreasing the access points from two exits to one exit. With the single access point you would expect the car line dismissal process to double. The Control Point dismissal system allowed the car line to go just as fast as it did when we were in two locations. Holding students in the classroom allowed for smoother communication and better use of the classroom time at the end of the day. The system will allow us to control student egress and support safe distances during the current safety concerns we face as we plan to re-enter school buildings. 

Christopher Fennell 

Assistant Principal

Babcock Neighborhood School

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Control Point Offers Safe, Secure And Efficient Dismissal Every Day!

Staff member scans student barcode


At Control Point, we believe dismissal can and should be stress-free. A staff member scans the driver’s dismissal card and the teacher inside the building can see the child’s name immediately. Multiple lanes can be scanned at the same time.


Schools may choose the number of dismissal lanes that best suit their campus needs. Control Point is configurable to dismiss from one lane of cars up to six lanes of cars.


Staff members inside the building watch as flights are loaded with student names.  They are then able to line students up according to their lane of traffic  for more safe and efficient dismissal.

Safe Dismissal

“Control Point has allowed our dismissal procedure to become more efficient and allow students to remain safely in their classrooms.  We are able to dismiss our entire student body in less time and utilizing less staff.  
I also LOVE that parents control who is permitted to pick up students in a few clicks and all the data is logged and accessible by administrators should concern arise.” 
Shannon Treece, Principal
Babcock Neighborhood School

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